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Meeting Pods & Booths

Private, self-contained meeting rooms

Meeting pods are completely self-contained spaces that give the employees a private area to concentrate and work quietly and productively, away from the office’s distractions and noises.”

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Steve, Furniture Expert

Kolo Duo Booth

Kolo Duo Booth

From £15,393 (ex VAT)
H2250 x L2200 x L1220 mm cm

A flexible modular meeting room innovated for the modern open workstyle.

The Kolo Duo Pod from Koplus is a 2-4 person pod with great aesthetics, clever design and superb acoustic rating.
The space can be used as a meeting/conference room, a workstation, or a personal resting space. Kolo Duo is adaptable to any open-plan workspace to meet your needs.

The configuration can be extended with up to three units, providing a more formal meeting space for up to 8 people.

Product Details:

  • Exterior dimensions: W2200 x D1220 x H2250mm
  • Interior dimensions: W2060 x D1180 x H2110mm
  • Weight: 511 kg
  • Acoustic foam inner walls covered PET fabric (meets ISO 1053-4 acoustic standards)
  • Toughened glass door & panels
  • LED light with motion sensor & adjustable brightness
  • Ventilated space with quiet fans
  • Simple assembly & mobility due to modular design
  • Aluminium door handle on left or right side
  • Selection of Power and IT Modules
    UL rated power outlet and 10 ft power cord.
    Input: 110-240 VAC, 10.1 A, 50-60 Hz.
    Output: DC 5V, 2.1A.
  • Customisable space with Kolo Sofas, Side Table & UV-C Light add on
  • Quick Ship
Max Calma Pro

Max Calma Pro

From £16,910 (ex VAT)
H2270 x L2700 x W2200 mm cm

Max Calma Pro is the perfect place for larger groups to meet and collaborate in quiet . While being isolated from the surrounding world, where you can work as a team without distraction, the Max Calma Pro is a large conference room and a perfect solution for any office space.

Product Details:

  • Exterior dimensions: W2200 x D2700 x H2270mm
  • Occupancy Indicator Light
  • Acoustic Foam Walls
  • Dimmable Light Control
  • Efficient Ventilation System
  • Customizable space with Internal Furniture
    Nooxs Think Tank

    Nooxs Think Tank

    From £28,300 (ex VAT)
    H2200 x L3803 x W3477 mm cm

    Built on a modular system of wall panels and glass elements.

    Tanks are distinguished by the highest standards of comfort in terms of furnishings, a complete technical infrastructure and excellent noise reduction.

    Options for use are varied, ultimately the furniture determines the function. Meeting room, stand-up meeting, Business Box or Phone Booth - anything is possible.

    Product Details:

    • Exterior dimensions: W3803 x D3477 x H2220mm
    • High level of acoustic performance
    • Modular, simple and quick installation without structural connections (freestanding)
    • Ventilation of 3 levels to ensure complete exchange of air within minutes. No button control – Monitored by a motion sensor 
    • The wall element, technical element, end panel and extra furniture all come in a variety of woods and fabrics 
    • Includes charging station & LED illuminant
    • Sustainably designed
    • Customisable space with available furniture to be added.
      S Pro Booth

      S Pro Booth

      From £7,560 (ex VAT)
      H2280 x L1020 x W1000 mm cm

      One person customisable acoustic booth, that you can adopt to your whim.

      Product Details:

      • Exterior dimensions: W2280 x D1020 x H2280mm
      • Special Soundproofing hidden in the walls
      • LED Lighting with Touch Control Panel
      • Efficient ventilation
      • Integrated Shelf
      • Media Port with UK Power and USB Socket
        XL Pro Meeting

        XL Pro Meeting

        From £16,870 (ex VAT)
        H2250 x L2600 x W2600 mm cm

        A conference room that you can fit anywhere.

        The soundproof, XL conference room has been designed as a 6-person conference room.
        A soundproofed office space will improve the well-being of people using the booth, thus increasing their work efficiency. This pod is a 100% mobile piece of furniture, easy to relocate when needed.

        Product Details:

        • Exterior dimensions: TBC
        • Exterior dimensions: W2280 x D1600 x H2280mm
        • Special Soundproofing hidden in the walls
        • LED Lighting with Touch Control Panel
        • Efficient ventilation with two airflow fans
        • Media Port with UK Power and USB Socket

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          For help choosing a meeting pod read our Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Workspace.

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          Steve Graham profile

          “Office pods have become a key component of the modern workplace as they enable privacy, encourage collaboration and they are a great solution for offering an enclosed space away from noise and distraction.

          Using pods has also proven to lower stress levels and boost concentration levels in an open-plan office environment. They provide the right place for each person and task, resulting in better quality work.

          They are also aesthetically pleasing as they do come with great design. With pods, you can create flexible working space as they are easily movable or reconfigured to suit any changing needs in your “fixed” workspace.

          My team and I would be delighted to assist you with sourcing the perfect solution”

          Steve Graham, Furniture Expert

          Private meeting room pods

          Due to the widespread use of video conferencing, the rise of hybrid and remote work, and increasingly flexible schedules workplaces are experiencing a rapid transformation. And employers find themselves needing to reassess their office environments in ways that promote productivity.

          Open plan offices now need to include more private and sound-insulated layouts to offer suitable environments for meetings. But what if the availability of dedicated meeting rooms is limited? How do employers ensure that employees have access to the spaces they need?

          People in open plan office using S Pro Booth for meeting
          KOPLUS KOLO Duo, Close up, three people using meeting pod, green seats

          Focus and calm for creative teams

          Beyond their conventional uses, office meeting pods can be transformed into acoustic pods or mini recording studios for guest expert interviews.

          The soundproofing features and adjustable lighting make meeting pods ideal for producing or reviewing high-quality audio and video content. This adaptability demonstrates how pods are able to support a dynamic and collaborative work environment, accommodating a range of professional needs and fostering creativity in the workplace.

          Choosing a Meeting Pod

          When choosing a meeting pod, there are several factors to consider:

          1. Meeting pod size

          The size of the meeting pod will depend on the size of your workspace, the number of people who will potentially be using the work pod, and the intended purpose of it. Some meeting pods are designed for just a few people while others can accommodate over 10.

          2. Pod design, colour and finish

          The design should match the aesthetic of your workspace and should be comfortable and functional for users. For instance, a meeting pod with soundproofing materials and acoustic properties can help reduce noise and distractions, while a pod with ample led lighting can help create a more comfortable environment while reducing eye strain and fatigue.

          3. Pod cost and affordability

          Office pods can vary in price, starting at around £7,500 to over £30,000 (ex VAT), depending on their size, design, and features. It’s important to choose a pod that fits within your budget while still meeting your needs now and in the future.

          It’s important to note that unlike traditional construction solutions, office meeting pods don’t need planning permission and can be moved whenever you feel like a change or moved to another building or new office space, you simply take them with you.

          With the right office pod, your business can create meeting spaces that are more productive and comfortable for your employees.

          For more help choosing a meeting pod read our Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Workspace.

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