Boosting Productivity: The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Workspace with Office Pods

Workplaces are experiencing a rapid transformation due to the widespread use of video conferencing, the rise of hybrid and remote work, and increasingly flexible schedules. In response to this, employers find themselves needing to reassess their office spaces to promote productivity.

Offices now need to include more private and sound-insulated layouts to offer suitable meeting environments and the privacy needed for focused work. But what if the availability of dedicated meeting rooms is limited? How do employers ensure that employees have access to the spaces they need? We discuss the advantages of using an office pod in your business, how they can promote productivity and what you should consider before investing in one.

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What are the advantages of office pods?

Upgrading an office space with additional meeting rooms is one option, but this can be disruptive, time-consuming and could require planning permission. An excellent alternative, which is gaining traction, is the use of office pods. These quirky little pods are popping up all over the place – stations, airports, and amongst the more high-profile businesses, and here are the reasons why.

They offer flexibility

These ingenious little pods are quick and easy to install, with no mess, no fuss and can instantly impact your office space. They can be moved whenever you feel like a change, or make use of a previously unused spaces, and if you move to another building or new office space, you simply take them with you.

They are customisable

Available in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, colours, designs, layouts and materials, the world is your oyster when it comes to your options. They range from the bijou, one-person size (much the same size as a phone booth), up to a sizeable 10-person pod for team meetings. These modular, self-contained workspaces are designed to provide a private and focused environment within an open-plan office environment and can be tailored to your exact requirements.

They offer a dedicated space

The work pod acts just like a flexible meeting room, offering quiet working spaces for individuals, private one on one meetings or as a meeting room for groups. They provide a dedicated space that minimises distractions, nurtures concentration, and enhances overall work efficiency.

They can be completely self-contained

Equipped with all the essentials for a productive work session, the work pod can be tailored to suit your specific office working environment – whether that’s soundproofing, lighting, power, air conditioning, plus your choice of office furniture, the list goes on. What’s more, with the vast majority of meetings now having at least one virtual participant, pods can include the technology needed to support hybrid meetings.

So, there are many benefits to investing in office pods, and you can choose any style or design you like, but can they help your business?

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How office pods boost productivity

A distraction-free environment

Until recently, many of your employees will have enjoyed the quiet and distraction-free benefits of working from home. Now that so many of us are returning to the office for much of the week, the open-plan situation we were accustomed to is no longer working. Some of us struggle to get used to a busy working environment. Office pods can bridge the gap between the privacy and distraction-free environment that working from home offered and the need to be in the office for face-to-face meetings and team working.

Enhanced concentration

Concentration levels can suffer in an open office layout, with noise and interruptions from colleagues a significant distraction. One of the benefits of office pods is that they can be equipped with soundproofing features to reduce ambient noise and create a quiet, focused atmosphere – a secluded space for deep work and focus, where ideas can thrive, and work productivity can soar.


One of the key advantages of the office pod is its portability. It can be easily moved to a new location within a workspace to adapt to changing work needs or employee dynamics. For instance, at certain times of the week, the open plan office might be busier than others, causing some employees to become less productive – the office pod eliminates this, enabling those employees the quiet they need.

What’s more, office pods offer a secure and enclosed setting for private phone calls or sensitive discussions for employees whose work tasks need confidentiality or a high level of privacy.

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What to consider before you invest in an office pod

Office pods come in various shapes, sizes, designs, colours and materials. They offer plenty of options for customisation, and it can be tempting to opt for the most snazzy design but in order to make the best investment, it’s important to consider office pod options that align with your specific business’s unique personality. Before making a decision, it’s crucial to consider how you and your employees will use the office pod, and how it will integrate into your workspace. Do you need the privacy of enclosed pods or would open-sided options that promote collaboration suit your business better?

Size is important

The space available to you presently will determine the size of your chosen office pod. What size pod would comfortably accommodate your team’s needs without feeling overly confined? Are you likely to have 4 or 5 people per pod maximum? More? Less?

Then, there’s the size of the space the pod will inhabit. An ample open area will easily accommodate one of the larger pods, which is suitable for small team collaborative working. But an office space limited in available floor space will not easily accommodate a larger pod, and will likely get in the way, in which case a series of solo pods would suit better.

Integrate the technology

Consider the level of technology you would need. Does your pod need technology integration, such as power outlets, USB ports, or built-in screens? Many office pods come equipped with these features to enhance functionality and connectivity. Remember to future-proof your pod – you may not need these features now, but are you likely to need them in the future?

Customise for your business

Consider the design elements you would like in your pod. How do you want it to feel? Ultra-modern and sleek, or comfortable with plenty of soft finishes, perhaps both. The materials, colours, and overall aesthetics you choose should reflect your business to create a harmonious and visually appealing environment that employees will enjoy using.

Whether you want glazed partitioning for privacy or something open-sided that incorporates effective acoustic properties, the crucial factor is that your pod is appropriate to best suit your workplace requirements.

Consider the acoustics

As we’ve discussed, open-plan offices may be your preferred office layout, but the noise pollution that comes with it can often be detrimental to a productive environment. Acoustic pods enable employees to escape into a serene space to concentrate and focus or collaborate on some work. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need an enclosed pod as an open-sided pod with soft furnishings will absorb sound and create areas of aural and visual quiet in an otherwise noisy office.

Choose the best location

The location of the pod in the open-plan office space is an essential consideration. It should be strategically placed where it won’t be an obstacle but will encourage collaboration. It’s about creating a balance between the need for privacy with easy accessibility, ensuring that employees can easily transition between private and shared spaces because, while office pods offer privacy, it’s essential to maintain a sense of collaboration within the larger workspace. Designing your office layout to encourage both focused work and teamwork, fosters a balanced and dynamic work environment.

Don’t forget lighting and ventilation

Natural light and proper air circulation contribute to a healthier and more comfortable work environment, positively impacting productivity so don’t forget to consider these. An open pod won’t need its own ventilation but may need additional integrated lighting.

Are office pods here to stay?

So, aside from all the benefits of office pods, are they just a fad? Considering the fact that numerous Fortune 100 companies, such as Microsoft, L’Oreal, and Tesla have already incorporated work pods into their office setups, and many more are following suit, this would suggest that we can expect to see increasing numbers of pods wherever we go. In fact, based on a research report by CBRE, having access to focused spaces like pods is currently the most sought-after office perk.

As the nature of work constantly changes, we need versatile workspaces that work hard to foster employee productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. Office pods present a flexible and efficient solution that balances privacy and collaboration. Carefully considering your business needs and being intentional in your design elements, you can establish a workspace that not only fulfils practical needs but also elevates the overall work experience for all employees.

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