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Why Office Pods and Booths

Our experience has given us a sound understanding of the office booth & pod market. We have tried and tested the products and created an ‘approved’ list of suppliers based on the following criteria:

  • Build Quality: The materials & fittings used to fabricate the product
  • Cost: Value for money score based on features & quality
  • Availability: Lead times for product & parts
  • Acoustics: Published db rating compared to live tests
  • Options: Flexibility for design & additional features

Trusted by

Steve Graham profile

“Office pods have become a key component of the modern workplace as they enable privacy, encourage collaboration and they are a great solution for offering an enclosed space away from noise and distraction.

Using pods has also proven to lower stress levels and boost concentration levels in an open-plan office environment. They provide the right place for each person and task, resulting in better quality work.

They are also aesthetically pleasing as they do come with great design. With pods, you can create flexible working space as they are easily movable or reconfigured to suit any changing needs in your “fixed” workspace.

My team and I would be delighted to assist you with sourcing the perfect solution”

Steve Graham, Furniture Expert