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Pod-tastic workspaces: quirky uses for office pods

They’re popping up in all the latest office designs – those innovative office pods that so many forward-thinking businesses are incorporating into their workspaces. But these futuristic, phone booth-sized units don’t just look great in your office space; they serve an essential purpose. They add an extra layer of flexibility to the workplace.

What’s more, there are some surprising and quirky ways to use them. So, let’s look at some of the more unconventional uses for the humble office pod. They may just inspire your next pod purchase.

Coffee cabin

Breakout spaces are pivotal in optimising employee performance in the contemporary workplace. So picture the bustling atmosphere of numerous charming coffee shops on a Sunday morning, with their comfortable and relaxed setting, ambient lighting, cosy seating area, Wi-Fi connectivity, and above all, excellent coffee.

Why not use your office pod as a breakout area by creating a cool and cosy coffee cabin? Such a space could nurture those all-important exchanges of ideas and collaborative problem-solving.

Smiling ethnic man with coffee surfing smartphone


It’s common knowledge that plants and green elements positively affect our mental wellbeing. By converting the pod into a verdant oasis of green, adorning it with a mass of potted plants, succulents, and perhaps a petite indoor garden, add in some comfy furniture for soaking up those natural vibes and you can transform the humble pod into a peaceful retreat, offering a literal breath of fresh air amidst the office’s hustle and bustle.

Bookworm booth

How about crafting a bijou library out of your pod? Creating a quiet, enclosed reading space offers both privacy and heightened productivity. Complete it with bookshelves, a plush chair, and gentle lighting for delving into the pages of a work report or catching up on industry literature, (or sneaking another chapter of your favourite novel). Your pod evolves into a haven for uninterrupted reading.

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Yoga studio

I don’t know about you, but the thought of doing team-building exercises in a cramped conference room makes me break into a cold sweat. A far more impactful approach is converting your office pod into a futuristic (undeniably cool) mini yoga retreat.

Imagine this: tranquil meditation music, a yoga mat, and a colleague gracefully moving into a downward dog pose within the warming embrace of soundproofed walls. It’s an ideal way for employees to refresh and unwind during the chaos of a busy workday.

Calm mind clear mind Woman sat cross legged

Mindful meditation area

Encouraging mindfulness and relaxation at work positively affects employee wellbeing and productivity. So it makes sense to turn your office pod, when unused for business meetings or quiet work, into a serene meditation space. This allows employees to practice mindfulness and recharge, in a quiet, restful, supportive environment, during a busy workday.

To create a serene meditation space, incorporate soft lighting, calming colours, and comfortable seating or cushions for people to sit on. Providing resources like guided meditation apps or books on mindfulness can also be helpful and will show employees that you care for their welfare.

Massage room

Massage can be instrumental in relieving physical and mental tension among staff, diminishing stress and anxiety levels, and thereby increasing morale and productivity. Integrating a private massage room into the office environment will significantly elevate employees’ mental health and overall wellbeing and help foster a workplace culture that emphasises care and corporate wellness.

Setting up a massage room within an office pod can be as simple as equipping it with a comfortable massage table, adaptable lighting, calming music, and then providing a licensed massage therapist. It may be a bit indulgent, but think its impact on employee morale.

Escape room

If your colleagues lean more towards being yogis than yoga enthusiasts, consider transforming your office pod into a miniature escape room for team-building activities. Team members can collaborate to unravel puzzles, decipher codes, and break free from the constraints of the pod within a designated time. It’s an innovative approach to nurturing teamwork and honing problem-solving skills without leaving the office.

Pod-casting booth

As podcasting gains popularity, inventive individuals have repurposed their office pods into spontaneous recording studios for creating podcasts. Whether delving into industry trends or sharing workplace anecdotes, the unassuming pod transforms into a versatile platform for a range of auditory adventures.

Portrait of a multiracial cheerful podcast host

Cosy nap nook

We’re all aware of (and certainly value) the productivity and creativity boost that a brief power nap can provide during the afternoon slump. After all, renowned companies like Nike, Facebook, Ben and Jerry’s, and Zappos have dedicated spaces for napping.

Consider turning your office pod into a nap nook with snug blankets and soft pillows, reminiscent of Google’s famous sleep pods, for employee relaxation.

Mini creative studio

Perhaps your more artistic employees cannot work effectively with all the hustle and bustle of the office environment. So, infuse creativity into your office pod by transforming it into a petite art studio. Outfit it with the artist’s paraphernalia, whether that’s technical equipment or sketch pads, paints, and easels. The tranquillity of the pod provides a private haven for your creative employees’ expressions to blossom.

Virtual-reality haven

Another method to unwind without stepping out of the office is to convert your pod into a virtual reality (VR) haven. Outfitted with VR headsets and motion controllers, your pod transforms into a portal to virtual realms.

Colleagues can take a breather from the routine by immersing themselves in fantastical landscapes or virtual team-building activities. Additionally, it can be an effective tool for virtual meetings with clients and tasks involving video content, such as employee training.

Woman in vr headset looking

Brilliant ball pit

Ok, this one’s a bit ‘out there’ but imagine stepping into your office building and discovering a vibrant ball pit right in the middle of the floor. Companies worldwide have embraced the idea of turning office pods into fun, exciting, and imaginative spaces filled with bright, cheerful balls.

Creating a ball pit out of your office pod is perfect for those employers wanting to create a relaxed office environment – fun, dynamic, unique and an effective stress buster – what’s not to love! Of course, it can also double up as a relaxation zone for employees and a creative hub for brainstorming and collaboration – a win/win if ever there was one.

Dedicated break rooms

Sometimes, employees need to escape from their desks and the office environment for a breather or just a change of scenery. Office pods as break rooms can provide the space they need and can be tailored to accommodate any size office.

Invest in a larger one, and your office pod has the potential to become a comfortable and inviting lunch and break room, encouraging employees to socialise and relax within its walls. An inviting rest area, perhaps with music can promote relaxation and conversation, which can help promote camaraderie and collaboration among employees. Providing amenities like a microwave, a refrigerator, and a coffee machine can further enhance the convenience and appeal of these cool office spaces.

Disco dome

Who would have thought that a versatile office pod could serve as a workspace and a disco venue? Transform the office into a fun area with the addition of an office pod that can metamorphose into the trendiest of party spaces when the clock strikes five. The only added ingredients needed are the all-important disco lights, a sound system, and a dance floor – let’s groove!

The conventional office design simply cannot compete because with these ideas you could be creating the most amazing office space. By thinking outside the box, beyond the standard desk and chair setup, you can transform your office pod into a unique and functional space that will create an exciting and dynamic work environment that promotes a positive work environment and nurtures both employees and your brand.

So, the next time you walk into your office, let your imagination run wild and consider how you might transform a humble office pod into something extraordinary. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits will make a lasting impact on the wellbeing and productivity of your team.

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Our experience has enabled us to review the Office Booth & Pod market, trial and test the products and create an ‘approved’ list of suppliers.

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